Let's plant trees to
regreen the world!

NFT project by
the MRDSN-collective

A real time art strategy game
experience where you can help
make the public domain green
again 🌳

The Story of Palaltree

Our village Shahan Palal is in the remote area of Baluchistan, a state of Pakistan. Our village once was covered with diverse vegetation and various plantations.

This has changed dramatically since global warming has worsened over the years. Rainfall has decreased from 15-20 times a year to 3-4 times. People looked for alternative ways to keep their livelihoods. They relied on livestock that also decreased over time as the water scarcity worsened.

Our people started to cut down trees and sell wood. This action has proved fire to the fury and rains become minuscule. Today people now are compelled to drink polluted waters and living very.

To deal with problem, our team has started to crowdfund our project “Palaltree”.

We are starting the plantation on one acre, and aim to grow 500-800 trees. We further aim to increase the area to 8 acres with 4000-6000 trees. The land will be provided by people who think beyond monetary or materialistic gains.

The trees are borrowed from government as well as purchased from local nurseries. Further, trees will be grown from already grown ones. This won't be enough to roll back or even have small impact on climate change in total, but it is already a local change in the right direction. Our team has declared this area as a protected one.

Where human interference will be limited but unrestricted access to every other living being will be ensured. We will protect each and every being starting from bacteria to whatever comes in this sanctity.  


Collect our virtual trees to become a sponsor for our community in pakistan.

Our mints are available on Tezos because we support
the CleanNFT movement 🌳

  • What starts as a sapling will grow to be a tree

  • Buy a single tree or a full forest!

Name of Palaltree

The name of Palaltree stems from the hometown of our local team member, who lives in a village called Shahan Palal.

Team Member

Atta Muhammad
Local Manager
Lance Meier
Foreign Management and Design
Marketing Social media